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Martha Higgins

I wouldn’t dream of switching my coverage to any one else. I’ve been a satisfied customer for over 20 years.

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John Buckner

I have been pleased with the outstanding service for many years. DeLaney Insurance's suggestions have been most helpful in determining what type of coverage best suits my lifestyle. DeLaney Insurance is available to answer my questions and make recommendations for me.

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Terry and Rita

We have had a long relationship with the DeLaney Insurance as our agent and we consider him a good friend as well. If we had not had his advice and counsel I may have never gotten paid what I was entitled to from State Farm for my claim. DeLaney Insurance helped and advised us though it may have put his relationship with his insurance company at risk. DeLaney Insurance has always worked hard to advise us regarding our coverage needs and how our policies work. I could not imagine the problems I might have without a highly qualified agent taking care of our insurance. When your need is great only an honest and experienced agent can guide you and tell you the truth, which is precisely what DeLaney Insurance will do for his clients.

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David is another one of our important long-term clients for home, auto, umbrella and small business insurance. He sent us a letter explaining how he felt about the lack of commitment he felt from his insurance company. After decades of service from the DeLaney Insurance it is no wonder he came back to us for options and advice. Once again, we found our valued client an alternative insurance option with improved coverage and a rate similar to what he'd been paying previously.